Annual Meeting

January 4, 2021

2020 Held Annual Meeting

In accordance with the Bylaws, Arrha Credit Union held its annual meeting on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 145 Industry Avenue, Springfield location. To ensure the safety of members and staff social distancing, temperature checks, face masks, and CDC cleanliness protocols were exercised. 

President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Ostrowski welcomed everyone and provided an update that included positive financial performance, stellar member service, and high performance of the staff during these challenging times of COVID-19.  The staff rose to the occasion and rallied to ensure members and each other were safe.  All the while keeping a positive attitude and can do teamspirit. Our team is even tighter,one's great character comes out during a crisis time.

Chairman, Todd Cieplinski, recognized Director Peter H. Lappin for his dedication.  Chairman Cleplinski shared the following that was engraved on the plaque Director Lappin is proudly holding.  

Arrha Credit Union, In Honor of Director Peter H. Lappin. In recognition of Director Peter H. Lappin, for his dedicated and ongoing service to Arrha Credit Union. Director Lappin has shown a true respect and appreciation for the credit union and has fulfilled multiple duties over and above the typical Director position.  On this day, August 4, 2020, we recognize Director Lappin for his hard work and continued dedication to the credit union and its members.   

The meeting ended with accolades for its members and their trust in us and staff.

L to R: Director Peter H. Lappin, Chairman, Todd Cieplinski